Victor Street, Grimsby
N.E. Lincolnshire
DN32 7QN
01472 349917

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Christian Library

Over 14,000 item to teach, encourage and guide.
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Multi-Media Theatre

The Ice House also has state of the art video and sound facilities in it multi-media theatre. This can accommodate small groups or audiences of up to 240.

Meetings are held at the Ice House, Victor Street, in the Library.

Generally meetings are every Wednesday* starting at 1pm.
Sessions finish about 4pm.

Everyone has a great time and it is only £1 per session. If you want to join speak to Pam or Gillian by popping in Wednesday morning or by leaving your phone number and a message with the Ice House Christian Bookshop 01472 349917.

*The club does not meet when the Ice House is closed at Easter, Christmas or when they go out as a group for a meal (about twice a year).


We have a number of facilities in the Ice House Main Centre
You can find us by following this link -> directions